Brazilian Soccer and Asian Meditation

Today was the World Cup again. Brazil has already beaten a few other countries (we watched Brazil vs Ghana in the theatre room next door with two Brazilian families with us), and today they were to play France. My wife and I watched it at a friend’s apt. in Branbury with some friends. It was a VERY stressful first half. We were all shouting, rooting and pleading for Brazil to make a goal and stop the other team from scoring. We could all see that France was playing better overall and it was killing us. I was really upset (as was everyone else) and when halftime came around with Brazil still having no goals, I went outside to get some air. I was way stressed.

This morning I had listened to a Sunstone podcast talking about meditation and how it can relieve stress. I laid in the grass in the shade and closed my eyes. I breathed in through my stomach instead of through my chest. I concentrated on my mantra. I tried to clear the clutter of thoughts in my head. It took at least ten minutes to have the ocean of my mind calm. When it did I felt as if I was about to sleep. I was still conscious, though My mind became clear and a physical feeling like that of the Spirit came over my body, starting in my mind. It felt very good. It was physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The stress and ruckus from the game was now being replaced by this feeling of peace and calm. I was even able to turn off my phone while in this state and still continue Zen. This showed me that I was still conscious. The physical sensation that came over me was great. My lips went numb, though for some reason, and my mouth wanted to turn downwards, which kind of bothered/ worried me. I’m sure it was nothing though and I’ll look into that later.

When I went back inside to watch the 2nd half of the game, everyone could see that something had happened to me. They were all wondering what was wrong with me. I just said that I was fine and then watched the game in complete peace…(until Brazil lost, that is).

After Brazil lost, everyone was down. We went for some comfort-food in a Japanese restaurant called Asuka and had their All-You-Can-Eat Sushi. The sushi was amazing. We ordered so much Sushi that we had to take home boxes of Sushi. My wife was so bummed out by the game that she was moody the rest of the day. The stress was so bad that she even got nauseous! I think that she should try the relaxation and meditation techniques that worked for me today.

After lunch we went to a Churrasco (Brazilian-style BBQ) in a park in Provo. I couldnt eat, I was so stuffed but the meat was amazing, though. I played with my daughter (5) and her friend Rebecca (4). I pushed them on the swings and then when I was laying down in the grass I let them beat me up for twenty minutes straight (I wanted to see when they would get tired of hitting me). I played my father-in-law in tennis and lost miserably. The last time I had played I must have been twelve years old in Ohio visiting my grandparents. They had the perfect setup. Their backyard housed acres and acres of forest where I would find snakes, spiders and toads as a kid. The tennis court was right next to their own pond so when it got too hot I could quickly go for a swim and cool off. My dad even used to catch snapping turtles there when he was a kid. My grandpa was excellent at tennis. He would regularly play with Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad, who lived in his neighborhood. He said that when they found the body parts in his home that the police sirens went right by his house to the Dahmers. He had met Jeffrey Dahmer several times as well. I would like to become good at tennis because I saw how it was a sport that my grandpa could play late in his life and still be active.


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