My Top 10 Places To See in Brazil

[updated October, 2010]

I have visited many interesting places in Brazil (I have been there three times so far). People ask me a lot about what places I recommend visiting so I put together this list and pass it on to friends and family when needed. Here is the list (for more pictures of each place I list, simply Google-search the names below):

1) Fernando de Noronha: beautiful beaches and only 400 or so tourists allowed on the island at a time. definately an amazing place to see. My favorite part of our family vacation to Brazil was this little secluded island off the coast of Recife called Fernando de Noronha. We ended up staying in a Bed and Breakfast with some of the locals on the island. The first night we left all of our bags in our rooms and walked down to the nearest of 20 beaches on the island. Each of these twenty beaches has its own character, charm and beauty. The island as a whole is beautiful. Just gorgeous. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect place. Warm, secluded, beautiful scenery, an ideal place. Just off the soft sand of the beaches, low rocky hills embraced the beach like protective arms. When we climbed these, we found natural pools filled with clear, warm water, placed sporadically throughout the area. It was a paradise. There were no gates around the houses like the rest of Brazil because there is virtually no crime there. Just peace-loving locals that have lived there their whole live, which is , by the way, the only way you can become a resident of the island.

Being an archipelago home to thousands of species of all kinds of animal life, strict laws are abided by. Almost no cars exist, to help clean the air, only four-person buggies roaming around the streets. You can walk from beach to beach and when you need a ride you can hop in the back of someone’s buggy that might be passing by. Everyone’s like family there and they’ll give you a lift or even a tour. For $20.00 we were able to take a trip around the whole island by boat and they promise a 97% chance of having the company of dozens of dolphins swim side-by-side with your boat. We were able to see the dolphins and it was beautiful. It was a neat experience.

Just on the island, though, we ended up seeing an octopus, a Lixa Shark (harmless and common on the “rough side” of the island), a tortoise, moray eels, a sea snake, dolphins, and several sting rays. We also saw many schools of large, colorful fish swimming through the remainders of a sunken ship. We estimated that we could see for about 40′ in the crystal-clear water. I could go on and on about this miraculous little island in the ocean but I’m not trying to write a book on the place. Needless to say, it was an adventure. One night, hungry and without food or credit card, we fended for ourselves and struggled tirelessly to crack open coconuts to drink their milk and eat their fruit. That was a chore and a night to remember. Another one of the neat characteristics of the island is a beach called Praia do Sancho with its 30′ tall walls around it. One of us found a ladder which lead to a vertical passageway to the top of the hill. On top we found some interesting antique weapons of war and remnants of a military base. Climbing our way up through that tunnel and being surrounded by the natural beauty and lush forests felt like something out of a movie. I hope to one day return and visit this well-kept secret.

2) Porto de galinhas: supposed to have beautiful beaches too.

3) Rio de Janeiro: Lots of stuff to do and see. It has a little of everything. It has lush mountains, lush forests, beautiful beaches, large city.

4) Pantanal (found in Mato Grosso do Norte): ABUNDANT wildlife. Many,
many birds to see. you will see more wildlife here than if you travel to
the amazons.

5) Bonito: cool snorkeling here

6) Salvador: very old; lots of culture here (ca poeira- brazilian martial
art; old cathedrals, etc.)

7) Rio Grande do Sul: “southern” Brazil. much European/ German influence
here. generally lighter-skinned Brazilians, some interesting places to see. Porto Alegre: Nearby is Gramado- a German-style city with a large waterfall. It is comparable to Utah’s Park City in its uniqueness and touristy feel. Garopabo is a very cool surf/beach city a few hours away. Porto Alegre is home to the best churrascarias (brazilian bbq restaurants)

8) Foz de Iguacu: (Iguazu Falls- see picture on left). Amazing. Stunning. Definately worth
visiting. To me its the most beautiful place on Earth that I’ve seen so far. See my post on the falls here.

9) Sao Paulo: Just flying over the airport and city is good enough. It’s
cool to see so many tall buildings/skyscrapers but you can do that by flying
over the city. Once you’re in the city it is just like any other big city.
It’s dirty, too.

10) Amazonas: on a boat trip in the Amazons we saw some pink dolphins as we were fishing for piranhas. I caught 6 piranhas with a simple stick, string, and bloody meat attached to the string on a hook. Eating cooked piranha was not very tasty. Also in the river, we could see aligator’s eyes at night. Our host jumped in the water and caught a baby alligator and jumped back in the boat with it so we could hold it. We swam in the Amazon river during the day (that was kind of scary). Monkey’s played around the hotel all day long. The bigger monkeys let you pick them up and play with them, too.

[updated October, 2010]


104 thoughts on “My Top 10 Places To See in Brazil

  1. Thanks, lol- yeah i let that comment stay on here cuz he sounds like an idiot anyways haha. Brazil’s the bomb, though so check it out one day if you can. Costa de Sauipe is where I went on my honeymoon in Bahia. It’s a cool little place.

  2. thanks heaps for sharing your experiances of brazil. it sure sounds like a beautiful place with a exhilerating feeling about it

  3. I really enjoyed reading your Blog, I was laughing at your adventurous Piranha story. I agree that Iguazu Falls is one of the most beautiful places to see in this world. Another of my favorites is Ecola Park & Cape Lookout in the Oregon Coast.
    I admire Brazil so much, it is colorful & beautiful. The people are gorgeous, warm & have a great sense of humor. Unlike Portugal, Brazilians make Portuguese sound so sexy. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. If you can, could you please tell me more about the Island of Fernando de Norohna. Do you have pictures of these places in Flickr you can share?

  4. yaaa i just wanted to say that its really beautifull there but dangerous and u really helped me alot bc i used all ur info to do a project and it like really helped me alot soo yaaa i just wanted to sayy thank u sooo much ur the best ilu!! lol its cuz im really happy and like cuz of u i passed my project and got a gud mark all bc of u well i g2g noww sooo ciao and once again thank u

  5. Brazil is all in all a fantastic place. While the top 10 list is decent (minus the fact that there is hardly explanation for half of your spots), the prostitution scene should definitely be added and visited. Banged four girls in Sao Paulo it was great. Oh wait no, one girl with four guys. Sorry.

  6. Hiya..thanks for the tips!!

    We are trying to plan our honeymoon in Brazil..dont want to go anywhere too hectic,maybe some gorgeous beaches.What do you reccomend?



  7. Hey, I like how you made a list.
    I actually lived in Brazil for a few years in Sao Paulo and LOVED it! I am taking a few friends there and I have been trying to think of what all I should show them.
    There are a lot of things I was not able to do, but I did however go to Rio many times (AMAZING!),foz do igucu is beautiful as well.

  8. this sites fab it helped me loads with a school project thankyou to whoever wrote it all !!!! i think il go to brazil now lol


  9. That guy who said the site didn’t help him at all is a jerk.I’m half Brazilian, I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, and I believe that this site did a great job describing what you can go see. Kudos to you guys!!!

  10. That guy who said this site sucks is a jerk and no one should pay any attention to his comment. I’m half Brazilian and I grew up in Rio de Janeiro. This site did a great job describing the beauty of my country. Kudos to whoever made this site!!!

  11. I wasn’t sure of where me and my husband should go for out hooneymoon, but just seeing those gorgeous waterfalls I made up my mind. Its by far the most amazing place in this world. THANXX!!!

  12. Hi there,

    I just want to say that this website is ok but barely personally i neede to know some top attractions and not about some boring old beaches !!!!!!! I agree with the dude at the top !!!! This is a pants website!!!

  13. HEY HO EVERYBODY thanks for great help on school project would be great if there were a few more pics on the website but other than that fab LOL MILLY . . . XXXXX
    PS:hope Carol and hUBBY have FABOLOUS time in BRAZIL on there honey moon LOL MILLY

  14. I am doing a project on Brazil and this site helped me know a lot(the extra info)on Brazil.Tx.By the way I saw the exact thing on another site check it out if you want-

  15. Hey! I’m an exchange student from Brazil and I really liked what you wrote about it. It was really interesting since I hadn’t been in all these places. And now I’m preparing a presentation about Brazil and I’m getting some stuffs from your site. Thaanks, it really helped me 🙂

  16. hi there everybody….now in my personal opinion Brazil is…hmmmm….well i don’t know because i have never been there!!!lol but i advise no one 2 go there because if this Markii person is there then u will be soooooooo bored……lol again because im sooo funny……bye bye…..renember never go 2 Brazil

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  18. Hello! My name is Elis and I’m from Brazil, sometimes the media say wrong things about Brazil and people make a wrong idea about it… We have a lot of beautiful places here.. I agree Rio de Janeiro is dangerous but we have lot of other places to go Like Rio Grande do Sul -Gramado/ Canela, Bahia, the Amazon, Ubatuba/Ilha Bela-São Paulo, Foz do Iguaçu-PR, Florianopolis -SC… and many other places that is not dangerous… Brazil has many interesting thinks to do and see… without mentioning the cuisine…Humm… :o)

    I’m so pround to be Brazilian!!! =)

  19. Hey. I think this site’s pretty nifty. You did a really good job on it. I dont know how often you check it but it makes berlin seem like an amazing place to be, y’know?

    I really think you did a good job. Kudos! Heh. 🙂

    I love the picture you used to describe the falls.

    I’m doing a school project in world geography on the top ten places in the world i wanted to visit, and i just thought Brazil sounded cool. I really didn’t want to go to it at first… I only wanted to go to Japan, seeing as Japanese and German are my only forign (Excuse my spelling) tongues.

    So i was just looking around google for the project i was working for. Its alot of work. Ergo i had ALOT to search for. Is Brazil really as amazing as most people claim? Of course, i dont read what the babling idiots with no sence of maturity have to say on you comments {*cough cough my Lalala whatever} I mean come on. Im fifteen and i have a better sence than you. :p i dont care if your thirteen or thirty five, you need to have that attitue smacked in place like it should have been from birth. >.> Anyway….

    I think i should check out some more of Brazil. If you have anything to say, you can always contact me at my e-mail. I may sound professional now, but you really dont know me. Ha ha

    I’d like to know more about brazil, as well as some of the other places you might have been, even if it is just a state maybe? I dont plan on staying in the same area my whole life! Ha, im a girl of adventure, y’know what i mean?

    I cant stay in one place for a minute, as long im in the cool air you dont have to worry about me! :3 {im part penguin…apparently…}

    But if any of you find me interesting you can contact me through here. Thanks alot!

    • If you are apparently a “pengiun” then Brazil might not be the best place for you. The places I’ve been there are very muggy and HOT. just to let ya know

  20. The brazilian mes ares hot, sexy, brazil is the most beutifull country is hot and wanderfull.

    is not dangerous, is very very divine.

  21. This is a pretty good website. It makes brazil look really cool. 🙂

    THANKS FOR MAKEING THIS WEBSITE! It really helpme with my homework.

    Which reaminds me…….

    I might want to stop commenting now.


  22. QUACK! lol.

    Your a real life saver bye makeing this website.
    You really helped me with my homework!


    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Hey,
    Thank you for these tips…I’ll be going with my best friend to Brasil next Summer (09) Just the 2 of us, i know it’s dangerous…but I’m ready for it…and I know some people that live in Brasil, so I have good undercome!
    Thanks again!

  24. Hi,

    When coming to brazil, please forget the south. Visit the Northeast. You can ask for any tourist guide they will tell you the most beautiful places, beaches, dishes, you will find in the Northeast…

    • Oh no, the south is so tbeautifull too. North is good as south. I visited a lot of good places in the south like Bombinhas beach, Florianopolis, Garopaba, Laguna . . . a lot of beachs in a few miles.

  25. Hi there,
    I am impressed by the nuteral and historical hits in Brazil and I feel like seeking a friend. I am hoping to go there for the 2016 olympic games.
    Please if there is any Brazilian in rio who will like to welcome my invitation for a friend, I am more than happy to get in touch with him or her.
    My background is from Africa, I am an Australian citizen, presently living in Tasmania. I came across this wonderful site while I was searching for an assignment at university.
    Best regards,

  26. Oláaaaaaaaaaa sou brasileirissimaa e amo meu País e se alguem ai quer mesmo saber qual o melhor lugar pra se visitar? sendo eu brasileira suponha-se que entenda não é mesmo???
    Então pra mimmm os melhores lugares são:
    1 Bahia / salvador
    2 Rio grande do norte / Natal
    3 Ceara

    Amo esses lugares,
    espero que gostem das dicas [ se entenderem né]

  27. I will be going to Itatiba in a few months for business. Is there anything to do there? I can’t find much on things to do. Sao Paulo is close so I may go there. It looks like a beautiful country. Anything you can recommend would be appreciated!

  28. Thank you so much, your insight was extremely helpful!! My boyfriend and i are planning to backpack around South America next year, and you’ve given me tons of ideas. I can not wait to go to Fernando de Noronha 🙂

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  31. WTF people… He did a pretty amazing job writing the article, saving many people from tons of research. He shared his experience to help people even though he’s not obliged to do so. Be a little respectful and at least shut the heck up if you’re not so keen on uttering a few nice words to appreciate his time and effort.
    Thank you so much Mark, I really appreciate this article. I’m planning to visit Brazil soon. I’ll definitely keep your words in mind.

  32. THIS SUCKS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH IT DIDNT HELP ME AT ALL THIS IS ********************************************************** I REALLY HATE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  33. Brazil is just as dangerous as the next place! It is beautiful, residnets are beautiful, there is so much to do there, and if you think it is dangerous then maybe you should stay at home, all you have to do is avoid certain areas if you are scared!

  34. Brazil is booming! When two times to Rio,and it’s great i can tell you! Cariocas they enjoy life the fulles. If you go to Brazil you want to stay forever! The culture, warm people, the music, the food and the beautiful women. Brazil is great! I love Brazil! Damn i have to visit Brazil again. If you think it is dangerous stay in your comfortzone and don’t travel !!

  35. Hello: Undoubtedly the real and authentic Brazil is in northeastern. Salvador (Bahia) by culture; Maceio for its luxury and Itaparica because it is true, not yet contaminated.
    Olá: Sem dúvida, o verdadeiro e autêntico Brazil fica no nordeste. Salvador (Bahia) é cultura; Maceió é luxo e Itaparica, é verdade, ainda não contaminada.

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