20 Things I Love about my Wife

1. She is Brazilian. She was a Rhythmic Gymnast for 10 years, training 6-8 hours a day, and traveled to Mexico, South Korea, and was going to the Olympics until she was injured.

3. She is an open person that loves to broaden her horizons and learn about all the wonderful things of this world.

4. She loves to write poetry (in Portuguese, of course!)

5. She is very sweet and nice

6. She is such a quick learner at everything she tries and is now learning to snowboard in the white mountains of Utah!

7. She defends what she feels and believes.

8. She is success-driven

9. She is a true friend, authentic and transparent

10. She takes advantage of the present to make a better future

11. She has worked with troubled youth for a couple years

12. She loves to play Halo 2 and is really good!

13. She loves to go horse-back riding

14. She loves the beach; loves beautiful places, and loves to travel

15. She loves to shop!

16. She does Ca-poeira (a Brazilian martial art)

17. She can Samba dance

18. She used to sing in a band

19. She went to college to be a Psychologist

20. She knows her limits but knows greater her ability to overcome them


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